Crypto Mafia 3D - Chapter 3

100 unique mobsters looking for Solana coins

The Crypto Mafia is a collection of 100 generative mobsters with more than fifty elements inspired by history’s greatest mobsters. Our mafia is a gang of unique characters with whom we prioritize quality above quantity. Each of them are specially designed by our highly experienced artist.

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Nov 11th 2021 7:00 AM


Website launch.

Mar 29th 2022 7:00 AM


1000 unique 2D NFT-s on their way to METAVERSE - Listed on DigitalEyes



25% of total money raised from minting will be sent straight to the mafia crime victims.



Developing our very own Cuban cigarette brand all organic.

Starting webshop for these cigarettes and each sale will have percentage taken out and placed in mafia vault wich will be given away as royalties to MAFIA NFT holders.



Starting our own custom by order mafia 3D gun model sculptures.



Play to earn game development.

Web shop



How can I buy crypto mafia?

Crypto mafia you will be able to mint by connecting with your phantom wallet by clicking on connect wallet on our website. After you connect, the mint button will appear, which you press and congratulations on getting the crypto mobster.

When is the drop? How much??

Mint day will be in early December. Mint price will be 0.75- 1.25 SOL.

Which wallet should i have for mint ?

We recommend phantom.

Will there be a secondary market?

Yes, solanart or digitaleyes

Do you have a rarity system?

Yes, rarity is incredibly important to us. So much so that we have designed a trait hierarchy system that lists the traits from ‘Common’ all the way through to ‘Mythic’ and each rank has a corresponding % chance of being minted. List of rarities will be published on our website on the day of the mint.

Is there a limit?

Yes and no. We will be limiting people to 1 mobster per transaction. This does mean you can return to the mint section as many times as you want though.

Will there be a community fund?

Yes, we will be placing 10% of our total sales and secondary market royalties into our ‘community vault’. We will look to adjust this number as we get established but this will be used to ensure we have the means to hire the right team/contractors to continue to build play to earn game and our token.